Ten Qualities of a Successful Individual

Success is the output of an individual’s effort, hard work, dedication, sincerity, and experience put in for years together to achieve the desired goals.

Success is not easily attained; it is to be acquired by putting in the efforts of the years.

A success mantra: “Jack of all trades, master of SOME.” will possibly sum it up.

To be a successful person you have to be a jack of all trades and a master of some. An individual with who is multi-talented has the quality to recognize the opportunity and grab it at that moment.

Below are some of the qualities, in my opinion of what successful people have:

1. He must have some education required at a level within his desired field.  He must have a great passion towards reading and ability to have an open mind.

2. He must have some confidence to face the situation: Even and Odd.

3. He must have a personality that mesmerizes anyone at any time.

4. He must have professionalism to a level where one must have thorough knowledge of the field where he is working.

5. He must have integrity towards work and work culture.

6. She must have knowledge of language which also plays an important role in success; Linguistic people have less interaction barriers.

7. She must be able to adapt to change easily.

8. She must be technologically savvy or at the very least inclined towards Information Technology and the use of social media as success tools.

9. She must be a positive person with an optimistic approach.

10. She should be an adorable person and a simple human being.

Life is Amazing and Wonderful

Create your own amazing World

and let the World dance with you. 

Be happy and let the World be happy with you. 

Be content and feel the content of the amazing World. 

Be fearless and feel secure in this amazing World. 

Then dance in the musical tune of your heart… 

That’s life……

and life smiles…

Live the Present…

Everything is connected,
My thoughts are connected
to my actions,
My actions are connected to my Karma.
My karma is connected to my destiny.

Let me forget the destiny…
My actions and karma will decide,
I want to enjoy the present,
I want to live the present,
Present is mine,
Every other things,
Let it go
Let it go
Let me live the present moment to its fullest……..
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Welcome 2019 – Happy New Year 2019

ALS  091113Seconds converted into minutes,

minutes into hour,

hours into day,

days into week,

weeks into month,

months into year

and finally,

the year 2018,

is left with its last moments.

Really I am not interested to bid farewell to 2018


2019   is waiting

and I have to welcome 2019 and

the Mother Nature


Let it go its “Nature”

and I abide by the “Mother Nature”

hence, ready to welcome 2019

and to bid farewell to 2018

Bye Bye 2018




 ” Happy New Year”

World, let us Celebrate for 2019

Let us empower ourselves in 2019 !!!!!

Time is bliss to mankind, let us pledge to use our time wisely to spread

peace, happiness,content among all and

I Wish 2019 will be blissful, Charismatic, awesome for all of us

to live our life to the fullest and turn our dreams in to reality.

“Wishing all a Wonderful 2019 Ahead” 

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus,

Let us celebrate the birth of Messiah,

Let us celebrate the birth of God,

Let us celebrate the sacred religious holiday,

Let us exchange gifts,

Let us feel warm in winter,

Let us  Celebrate,

Wish you a Merry Christmas


Advance greeting for a Wonderful

New Year 2019 (1.1.2019)


मेरी कहानी — A Charismatic Desire

ख़्वाबों में, ख्यालों में ख्वाहिशों में, और इन बरसातों में कहा है वो जिसे ढूंढता हू इन काली रातो में ? वो है भी यहीं, और है भी नहीं| ना जाने मिलेगी कैसे कोई जानता नहीं | मेरी किस्मत में है दोष, या हूँ अब भी मैं मदहोश, नशा उसका ये उतरता ही […]

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