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By TK Soni

Human beings are indispensable part of the society. Put it this way, the world is woven with dots. These dots are people who make up the fabric of the earth. This society where we live is composed of relationships; we are related to each other in some ways other than one. We exist because of association and building relationships. Relationships are the basis of our existence.

Take a look around you and count who among the people you have talked to today are related to you. You’ve got a partner, a husband, a wife, a friend, a sister, a brother, a mom, a Dad, your neighbour, your classmate, your work mate, your classmate in high school or in college, your co-attendee to a workshop, your stock broker, your accountant, your child’s teacher, your…..we can go on and on.

And the reality is…we are connected in more ways than one.

You and me: I, being the writer and you, being the reader – for one.

There is the connection! There is the relationship. There is the start of another relationship.

And why are we interconnected? What are the benefits of being related in ways you may not think of?

Some of them are listed below:

1. Relationships give us strength.

2. Relationships motivate us.

3. Good relationships increase understanding.

4. Strong relationships create dependency and interdependency.

5. Healthy relationships create happiness.

So, whether you like it or not, you and I are somewhat related. But the key to it is to nurture it more, develop it and you will surely benefit from a mutual process of living in a great society.


About the Author:  TKSoni is from India and loves to share his thoughts on personal development. He contributes regularly on amsdaily. He also writes on his blog ‘and life smiles’.


3 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Hey, loved your attitude!! And your post is certainly Food for thought… Relationships bud and flourish in numerous ways… The trick lies as to how well can we maintain it throughout… Cheers to you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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