Five Elements.


Each and Every living and Non-living things in this World are made by the Five Elements which are primarily:

1. Fire

2. Water

3. Air

4. Sky

5. Earth

We the human must:

a) Respect them.

b) Obey them,

because they are the Supreme power of this World and we exist due to them.

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8 thoughts on “Five Elements.

    • I am highly obliged by your wonderful nomination for the “Blog of the Year 2012” award. I am quite happy to receive it. My heartfelt gratitude for your kind and generous nomination. Certainly it is a “Milestone” for my blog. It is my good luck to follow your blog “Teacher as Transformer”. Your blog is wonderful and it guides me a lot in all the ways of my Life.

      Thanks again.
      I will complete all the formalities of the award very soon.

      and life smiles. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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