13 Amazing Tools for an Amazing YOU in 2013

13 Amazing Tools for an Amazing YOU in 2013

By Tarun Soni and Alpha Sanford

Life does not give you a house without having to build the house one section at a time. That section of the house including its posts and beams do not come attached to each other, rather you need tools to put them solidly together.

 As in building a house, life is like that.

You need tools.

You need guidance.

You need more than your hands.

Below are 13 powerful tools for 2013 to make this year more meaningful, happier and successful: 

1. Prayer – and if you do not pray, take silence. The power of being quiet is immeasurable. Try two minutes a day and you will find yourself more fulfilled and more confident.

2. Positive Attitude – it’s easy to be influenced by the negative forces around – but if you allow yourself to be surrounded just with positive energy and let that kind of energy surround you, the negative forces will just repel on its own.

3. Do what makes you happy – and yes, do it often. If you do not like what you do – then, find some ways to like it. If, even after trying you still do not find a tiny spark of fun in what you do, then it is time to stop and find what makes your heart leap!

 4. Avoid being argumentative – and if you can’t – then agree to disagree. You are a rationale being and having the reason to live, you know what it means to “don’t sweat the small stuffs”.

 5. Put down your pride – unless you are a tiger or a lion. You do not need your pride. Only people who have nothing to show will have their pride all over their bodies – because that is the only thing they have.

 6. Love – and that what makes the world go around and around. It is cozy, it is snuggly – it is the best feeling you can ever have. And if you have it, it shows from the inside to the outside. You’ll just find yourself more radiant!

 7. Control you anger – ever of anger management?

 8. Do not expect any thing from anyone at all – If you give, you give because you want to not because you have. You give, because you want to make the person happy without having to expect anything in return.

 9. Expect the unexpected – be surprised! Let the magic of what is unexpected bring you joy. Be open for impossibilities to happen. Be grateful for life’s biggest surprises.

 10. Be productive – and use your time wisely. Being busy without a purpose is just a waste of your time. When you are busy purposefully, then you know you are making the most of your day productively!

11. Accept, what is and as it is – the universe knows why things happen. You know there are things that may be unexplainable at the moment, but as time goes and if you are willing to accept as it is you will slowly see the reasons behind it.

12. Smile – it is a free gift! So give it to anyone who needs it and remember it is contagious and if you catch one do not be the last one to stop the chain. Be the person who will continue to spread the chain of smiles!

13. Have peace. Spread peace – in whatever way you can. Stay calm. Create peace at home, in your heart and with yourself. But the most important thing is for you to start it within yourself – peace can not be shared unless you have it inside.

Which one of these tools shall you keep for the year? OR

Will you keep them all? 

Tarun K. Soni is a simple man who loves his family, his friends and his culture and believes that the World is one and Humanity is one community. He lives in India and writes his thoughts on his personal blog  and life smiles. You can contact him via email at andlifesmiles@gmail.comtwitterfacebook, or subscribe to his other blog TKSoni.

Source: http://amsdaily.net/2013/01/15/13-amazing-tools-for-an-amazing-you-in-2013/


17 thoughts on “13 Amazing Tools for an Amazing YOU in 2013

  1. Love this. I love how there are 13 tips for 2013. The part about giving up pride unless you are a lion had me laughing. Thank you for these wonderful reminder. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


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