Wishing you a Blissful, Wonderful, and Charismatic Year ahead – 2017

ALS  091113

Seconds converted into minutes,

minutes into hour,

hours into day,

days into week,

weeks into month,

months into year

and finally,

the year 2016,

is left with its last moments.

Really I am not interested to bid farewell to 2016


2017   is waiting

and I have to welcome 2017 and

the Mother Nature


Let it go its “Nature”

and I abide by the “Mother Nature”

hence, ready to welcome

2017  and to bid farewell to 2016

Bye Bye 2016




 ” Happy New Year”

World, let us Celebrate for 2017

Let us empower ourselves in 2017 !!!!!

Time is bliss to mankind, let us pledge to use our time wisely to spread peace, happiness,content among all and

I Wish 2017 will be blissful, Charismatic, awesome for all of us

to live our life to the fullest and turn our dreams in to reality.

“Wish a Wonderful 2017 Ahead” 


Replied with Smile

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