Yourself, Family, Society & Nation

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YourselfYou are the most superior creation of God and your life is divine bliss of God. You can turn the stone in Gold.

FamilyYour family is source of your inspiration and motivation.

SocietyYour society is your source of experience.

NationYour Nation is source of your pride.

So be inspired.

Take challenges, face it, experience it and create  positive output from it. 

Feel pride and strive yourself to build yourself, your society and your Nation.


Happy 2014 !!!

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Seconds converted into minutes,

minutes into hour,

hours into day,

days into week,

weeks into month,

months into year

and finally,

the year 2013,

is left with its last moments.

Really I am not interested to bid farewell to 2013


2014   is waiting

and I have to welcome 2014 and

the Mother Nature


Let it go its “Nature”

and I abide by the “Mother Nature”

hence ready to welcome

2014  and to bid farewell to 2013

Bye Bye 2013




 ” Happy New Year”

World, let us Celebrate for 2014

Let us empower ourselves in 2014 !!!!!

I Wish 2014 will be awesome for all of us

to live our life to the fullest.

“Wish a Wonderful 2014 Ahead” 

Do not Leave your Karma.

Do not leave your Karma (Duty) in any conditions.

There is an interesting story regarding Karma (duty) in our Hindu Mythology. As per our Hindu Mythology, God Indra is Rain God and he is responsible for making rain. And God Shiva playsDamru (Musical Instrument) when it rains.

Once there was no rain for continuous three years. It was totally the condition of drought. All human beings including flora and fauna were affected with the severe drought.

Goddess Parvati (Wife of God Shiva) was worried about the drought and decided to visit the drought affected place along with Lord Shiva in disguise. They both became farmers and started surveying the drought area.  The condition was worst; the land was totally dried up and not suitable for farming. There was an acute shortage of food due to drought.

While surveying in a village they were amazed, one farmer was ploughing his field in scorching heat. Both Gods, (who disguised their identities)  were surprised and asked the farmer, “When there is no rain why are you ploughing your field?”  The farmer smiled and replied, “It is not possible for me to make rain because it’s the duty of God Indra and now it is field ploughing season, and I am performing my Karma (duty) of ploughing the field, as its my duty. If I do not perform my duty a situation may arise that I may forget the technique of farming.”

By hearing the reply of the farmer the Goddess Parvati told to God Shiva, this poor farmer is performing his Karma (duty) in this condition of drought, so that he must not forget the farming and I think God Indra has forgotten his duty of making rain but you do not forget to play Damru, please play your Damru so that God Indra may remember his duty and make rain and God Shiva played the Damru and the rain started.


Moral of the story?  We must not forget our Karma in any conditions!

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What are the characteristics of a true citizen?


What are the characteristics of a true citizen?

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By TK Soni


What are the characteristics of a true citizen?

To define this aspect, I have developed a formula of 5Rs.

1st R:          Respect for the Parents. (Behavioural development)

2nd R:          Respects for the Teachers. (Educational development)

3rd R:           Respect for the Society. (Moral and Social development)

4th R:           Respect for the Nation. (Patriotism and leadership


5th R:          Self Respect (that is Self Realisation)

An individual with the quality of 5Rs is what I think a True Citizen. He will not be a perfectionist but a person with values, integrity and responsibilities, who can execute all his action with at-most care towards the benefit of the society and well being of his fellow countrymen without any fear or greed.

Do you strive to be a true citizen?


About the Author:  TKSoni is from India and loves to share his thoughts on personal development. He contributes regularly on amsdaily. He also writes on his blog ‘and life smiles’.




Who is the Teacher?

Who is the Teacher?

Photo of Sherri Kennedy

By TK Soni

Primary learning begins at home but secondary and formal learning starts from school. The school is considered as a second home for most kids. Teachers are one of the more influential people in the lives of our children. Teachers are those who impart education to students who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

In our Indian culture, we call teacher “the Guru”, Gu means darkness andRu means light; which when put the syllables together it means “a person who takes you out of the darkness in order to see light”. The primary and main aim of an ideal teacher is to prepare the student with the vision of leadership, through motivated educational system. The thought is that Mothers bring children to this World, but Teachers bring the World to them.

A Teacher is a leader, who is always dynamic and believes in change and have the capacity to prepare future leaders and develop in them the skills that they may need to succeed in the future. A Teacher who leads understands the human aspect of living; not just someone who is all about academic standards or just following the national curriculum. A Teacher who leads knows exactly what the world needs, what her student needs. She is compassionate, warm, lovable, optimistic, kind and well-meaning person.  She offers not just  the time of the day at school  – rather she offers her life to the children she teaches. She is confident in her students; she gets to their sprits and empowers them to grow, mature and develop into the best possible citizen for the future.

To all teachers out there –

–         whether you are out in the streets peddling your cart full of books (think Efren Penaflorida, CNN Hero of the Year 2009);

–         whether you are in the deep end of the jungle carving your own corner to teach under a tree;

–         whether you are giving lectures at the vast ocean (think about the children whom the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation serves)

–         or, inside the comfort of your room.

Please know that you are the hope of the nation.

Please know that whoever you choose to empower and help become our future, you inspire us – and we want you to know that!

About the Author:  TKSoni is from India and loves to share his thoughts on personal development. He contributes regularly on amsdaily. He also writes on his blog ‘and life smiles’.


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