My Prayer

and life smiles 21122013

God – To lead the blissful life, bless me with good health, good relations, courage to work hard and let my wit to take right decisions.

and life smiles

In search of Self-Contentment


I am not in search of happiness,

I am in search of Self-Contentment

which brings smile on my face.


Mind Body and Soul.

Life is a divine bliss of God to mankind. God has blessed every human being with a:-

  1. Thoughtful mind.

  2. Wonderful body.

  3. Soul for self-realization.

  • Mind thinks. Use it or lose it. Creative mind develops great ideas.

  • Wonderful body acts as per the will of mind and soul. Keep body fit to stay healthy.

  • Soul evaluates. Daily while going to sleep, one must evaluates himself the act perform by him during the day, i.e. he must do the self realization.

Means life is all about to convert great ideas into the action in right direction with self-realization.

and life smiles


Do not Leave your Karma.

Do not leave your Karma (Duty) in any conditions.

There is an interesting story regarding Karma (duty) in our Hindu Mythology. As per our Hindu Mythology, God Indra is Rain God and he is responsible for making rain. And God Shiva playsDamru (Musical Instrument) when it rains.

Once there was no rain for continuous three years. It was totally the condition of drought. All human beings including flora and fauna were affected with the severe drought.

Goddess Parvati (Wife of God Shiva) was worried about the drought and decided to visit the drought affected place along with Lord Shiva in disguise. They both became farmers and started surveying the drought area.  The condition was worst; the land was totally dried up and not suitable for farming. There was an acute shortage of food due to drought.

While surveying in a village they were amazed, one farmer was ploughing his field in scorching heat. Both Gods, (who disguised their identities)  were surprised and asked the farmer, “When there is no rain why are you ploughing your field?”  The farmer smiled and replied, “It is not possible for me to make rain because it’s the duty of God Indra and now it is field ploughing season, and I am performing my Karma (duty) of ploughing the field, as its my duty. If I do not perform my duty a situation may arise that I may forget the technique of farming.”

By hearing the reply of the farmer the Goddess Parvati told to God Shiva, this poor farmer is performing his Karma (duty) in this condition of drought, so that he must not forget the farming and I think God Indra has forgotten his duty of making rain but you do not forget to play Damru, please play your Damru so that God Indra may remember his duty and make rain and God Shiva played the Damru and the rain started.


Moral of the story?  We must not forget our Karma in any conditions!

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