Inspiring Blog Award ! :-)

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean is an inspiring blog, by  Ganesh, who nominated me for Inspiring Blog Award and I am truly obliged by his nomination.

His blog “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean” is an awesome blog, which is an ocean of inspirational thoughts and motivation. You can find articles related to spirituality, Science, religion, health and so many interested topics. My heartfelt gratitude to him, for his nomination.

Rules for the Award…

1.     Thank the person who nominated you and write a post about it.

2.   Share 7 things about your Self.

3.   Pass the award on to 7 to 9 blogs you enjoy, link to their blogs, and let them know you nominated them.

7 Things about me:

1.     I am a simple human being; I love God, my family, my work, my friends and every thing around me.

2.   My favorite quote is” Expect the Unexpected” .

3.   I think life is a divine bliss of God to mankind and we must live the life to its fullest.

4.   I think the World is one and Humanity is one Community.

5.    I blog, I write (novice), and I read and want to spread the best of it.

6.   I love nature. (River, Mountains and Sea fascinates me).

7.    My wish is to travel around the World and spread the message of Peace and Unity.

There are so many wonderful blogs I like and I am following. All are awesome but I am passing this award to the following blogs, not in any particular order.

















There are so many blogs which are not listed here, which I am following. It will be included in my forth-coming articles. Please explore the above mentioned blogs and enjoy them and get inspired. My heartfelt gratitude to all my fellow bloggers for your love and support by sharing your likes, votes, thoughts and awards and my special gratitude to Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean is an inspiring blog, by  Ganesh,

and life smiles….

My Prayer






It is my humble request that,

please bless me with what I deserve,


give me the courage to

face the challenges,

which come across my way.

Let me be sincere with myself and you.


but for the rest of the World,

bless them with, what they desire.

Let there be peace, happiness, prosperity and self content.


and life smiles



My Prayer !!!

My Prayer

God, I was feeling insecure till the time it was not known to me that I am your super-creation and you will guide and help me in every step of  my life. My life is your bliss and I came to this earth to fulfill assigned duties and responsibilities. Kindly give me the  reward what I deserve, I do not want money and power, just give me enough courage to face each and every challenge and hurdle and over come it with your blessings. Make me strong enough to help my family and my society. I am enjoying the journey of the Life which was planned for me.  I just want to enjoy the journey with you and your creation around me. I want to be truthful to myself in every walk of life. Let the heart listen to mind.

Let you lead me to positiveness, happiness , peace and content.Lastly I want to remember that your planning is greater than my desire and I will abide by that.


My own article.