Diamonds are Forever



If you want to become a successful person you need to develop the characteristics of a diamond. Diamond is the most precious stone among all stones and admired worldwide by men and women both. It has the following characteristics called 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Out of four characteristics mentioned above, the 4th one is the most important because the cost of the diamond is determined from its carat, and the diamond with higher carat, costs more. Diamond is a form of carbon but when it is finished properly it becomes diamond, and the same way a human can polished himself and can become a Diamond.

The characteristics of the “Diamonds” (successful persons) are : Curiosity, Courage, Consistency, &Confidence.

An individual who is curious about his surroundings and courage to learn from it, consistent in his personal and professional performance and has good confidence to chase his dream, is heading to become a “Diamond”. Out of the four characteristics “confidence” is the most important and essential characteristic of a Diamond.

So be a diamond, because as you know Diamonds are forever.

Do you find 4Cs in you?

About the Author:  TKSoni is from India and loves to share his thoughts on personal development. He contributes regularly on amsdaily. He also writes on his blog ‘and life smiles’.

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